Prosciutto, fig, and goat cheese sandwiches

Christmas makes me nostalgic. I long for decorating my mom’s overbaked sugar cookies and sleeping under the Christmas tree with my brother and sister, staying up late to watch old claymation Christmas movies, and then watching either Indiana Jones or Star Wars marathons on Christmas day (because it was always one or the other on TV). I long for plane rides or road trips or to not leave the house at all.


Speaking of nostalgia: This time of year always makes me reminisce about my honeymoon which was 3 years ago, in December. We traveled to Barbados, Miami, and Orlando. Barbados was hot and beautiful and relaxing, and everything you would expect from a Caribbean island, but Miami and Orlando were the highlight for me, for two reasons: The food and Hogwarts. I’ve never eaten as well as I did in Miami (which makes up for the horrible spider egg hatching in the car incident at Miami beach, but we aren’t going to talk about that). We stayed on Miami avenue which is in a hip little area filled with all the coziest and most delicious restaurants I’ve ever eaten at, and quite a few of them delivered to our hotel. We took a day trip to the Wizarding world of Harry Potter in Orlando and were feeling lazy when we arrived back at our hotel so we ordered dinner from the delicatessen down the street. We shared a salad and a sandwich with prosciutto, figs, goat cheese, and arugula. The salad was fine but the sandwich was fantastic! The prosciutto was salty and the fig was sweet, with creaminess from the goat cheese and a crunch from the arugula and french bread, I was in sandwich heaven and I couldn’t get it out of my head.

We flew home after Christmas and the first thing I did after we arrived was hit up the grocery store for the ingredients which had been on my mind the entire week we spent in Victoria for Christmas. Sean and I ate sandwiches and started a Harry Potter marathon, and now every December I long for the comforting flavors of prosciutto and fig (and Harry Potter marathons).


I debated whether or not to make a blog post since everyone and their dog can make a sandwich, but these are really lovely flavors that not everyone knows about, and this sandwich is a very good thing to bring to Christmas parties since it’s ridiculously quick and easy, and makes it seem like you have great taste. Perfect for that party your friend Carl invited you to at the last minute. You know, the one where he ran into you and didn’t really want to invite you to but he did out of courtesy, and you didn’t really want to attend but in the spirit of the season you said you would love to go and you would bring an appetizer. Yeah, bring these to that party!

Prosciutto, fig, and goat cheese sandwiches

Makes approx 4 sandwiches

  • Loaf French Bread (I prefer a long skinny loaf but you can use whatever bread you like, really)
  • 1 package thinly sliced Prosciutto
  • soft, fresh goat cheese- at room temperature
  • fig jam
  • arugula leaves- rinsed and dried
  • optional: sliced beets- roasted or canned

Cut loaf in half and spread goat cheese one one side, and fig jam on the other. Layer on prosciutto, arugula, and beets. Easy! Now eat.


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